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How Drones Can Help the Real Estate Industry

While not much is done in Indonesia, more and more real estate managers are turning to photography and video using drones to better market their properties. In some countries, drones are a sight that is often seen above the house to be marketed.

Drones help with real estate marketing by grabbing the attention of potential buyers and making them spend more time browsing the properties on offer. Drones offer a fairly complete and interesting perspective, including:

1. Visual Information at Fair Price

Before drones were accessible to real estate professionals, aerial photography on the property was limited to satellite images (as can be viewed with Google Earth), or images taken during expensive aerial photography sessions on charter planes or helicopters.

How Drones Can Help the Real Estate Industry

For a reasonable fee, drones can save on marketing dollars. Drones "streamline" the buying and selling process by providing more visual information. As prices become more affordable, real estate managers can use them for almost any type of property.

2. Photographing a Large House with a Wider View

Real estate managers need to take every opportunity they have to explain more about the properties they offer. Potential buyers want to know more about the property they are about to buy.

How Drones Can Help the Real Estate Industry

So a more detailed explanation will benefit everyone. Drone photography and video are very useful for depicting large and unique properties that cannot be shot well from ground level.

Drone photography can be used to show off props by a large lake, for example. With ordinary photography, from the front, the house just looks like an ordinary two-story house. There is no way to capture all the details and scenery in one camera frame.

When drones are used to take photos, all the important selling points can be seen in one frame. Buyers can be found much faster, and the biggest thing that helps reach a deal is the main photo that shows the scope of the house, yard and the nearby lakeside.

3. More Personal Display of Property

Drone video can help potential buyers "feel" the atmosphere and get a better picture of a property before they actually visit the property.

How Drones Can Help the Real Estate Industry

For example, a drone can record video as it flies along a winding, tree-lined driveway to give an idea of what the road will look like to reach the house. Drones can also take off from backyards and fly over their surroundings to give potential buyers a better view of the area.

The look of a property like this can touch the emotional aspect of offering a home because real estate is not only about homes, but also lifestyle. People buy on emotion, and the video captures their attention.

4. City Tour

Drones are also very helpful for potential buyers who want to find out about a new city. For example, for professionals assigned to other cities they do not know. Drones can help describe the amenities around a property, the atmosphere of a city, and show buyers the landscape or public facilities near a house, for example how close the house is to the beach.

How Drones Can Help the Real Estate Industry

From the air, potential buyers can see parks, golf courses, lakes, landmarks and other amenities in ways they can't just by looking at maps or satellite photos. This is important because what concerns buyers in commercial real estate transactions is location.

The use of drone technology in real estate marketing is still relatively new, and is likely to become an industry standard, as are professional property photos. However, real estate managers also need to take into account some of the problems that may arise, such as privacy concerns for neighbors and the possibility of the drone hitting a person or property.

Drone photography also doesn't work well for homes in downtown areas and surrounded by many neighboring homes. Drones are especially useful when used on large, land-based properties, such as plantations, second residences, or outbuildings on the land.

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